CSZ: centrate TSS sensor system

The Technology

Developed specifically to meet the needs of decanter sludge treatment plants, the CSZ offers a unique composition that ensures long-term, reliable TSS measurements in centrate. With its robust peristaltic pump, CSZ ensures a continuous flow of wastewater through the device, while the double automatic cleaning system keeps the device clean and functional at all times.

In addition, the CSZ features ultrasonic sample conditioning to ensure that there is no air in the centrate, which helps the optical solids sensor measure TSS in a stable manner within 30 to 90 seconds from the supply. The device is can be easily operated by the user through a user-friendly touchscreen interface. This interface allows you to adapt the system to your own installation conditions, making it a customizable solution that fits your unique needs.


-State of the art Suspended Solids optical sensor

-Real-time continuous TSS data

-Double stage automatic cleaning

-Self checking system for zero fouling guarantee

-Robust and long lasting sample pump

-Unique sample conditioning system for removing air bubbles in seconds!

-All in one system. Only needs sample in/out and clean water

-Industrial outputs 4-20mA or Modbus TCP